Note: This form serves as the proponent’s project proposal for the construction of infrastructure project of the Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino Program of the CFO. Should the proponent need more space, this can serve as a guide to formulate a customized project proposal.

I. General Information
(Please indicate and describe the beneficiaries or target group. Who are the people for whose benefit the project is undertaken? Please indicate how the project will ensure the benefits resulting from the project will reach the beneficiaries. Please demonstrate how the proposal will contribute to gender equality.)
II. Project
(Please summarize the problem / project proposal.)
(Please indicate how and to what extent the problem/ proposal will be addressed and which strategy will be used to produce the desired results. Pls. describe the type of intervention (developmental action or institutional development) and indicate the main components of the strategy (e.g. awareness raising, income generating activities, etc.)
III. Attach Intent Form